A.Cem Şahin’s the 5th solo exhibition, “Pressure”, “Baskı” is at ALAN İstanbul!

A.Cem Şahin has a distinctive place in Contemporary Turkish Art. The artist depicts the figures, that usually each of these are ascribed different meanings in itself, in timeless spaces coalesced with intense sense of depth. These figures and symbols placed on paintings in which the subconscious processes are treated become the profound and visualized expressions of either a person’s wishes, desires and fears or the modern man’s emotional moves within societal processes where s/he exists. While on the one hand, these figures in the works become the leading actors narrating their own stories when considered one by one by joining with intense dramatic elements, and on the other hand, they constitute the heroes of a monolith fiction that takes the audience to a lasting journey within its own world.

A.Cem Şahin ''İnkar Edilmiş İthal Bir Aşkın Tereddütleri''linol baskı kolaj, 230x130, 2017

A.Cem Şahin ”Hesitations of An Imported Love which Was Also Denied”, linol print collage, 230×130, 2017

“Pressure” – “Baskı” exhibition deals with the relationship that person has established with both his/her environment and with him/herself as an individual. The works on display show the reflections of this interaction on people and therefore the breaks that occur within them. Sometimes emphasizing the focus and sometimes the vanishing points, the color texture of linoleum prints on a A. Cem Şahin’s large scale black and white collage that is produced as a single work poetically transfer the different levels of consciousness to painting. From this aspect, the artist puts his signature under a new technique that has barely been seen before.

“Pressure” – “Baskı” exhibition can be seen at ALAN İstanbul between 04/04/2017 and 05/05/2017.

A.Cem Şahin ''Yanlış Bahçe Toplantısı''linol baskı kolaj, 230x150, 2017

A.Cem Şahin ”Improper Garden Meeting” linol print collage, 230×150, 2017
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