WARHOLA is an art magazine that is updated weekly via internet and published every six months.

Warhola focuses on the relationship of art with space and architecture. The aesthetical, relational and experiential results of this are WARHOLA’s area of interest.

WARHOLA includes notable applications in the range of art, design and architecture. The creators of these implementation processes and those who make intellectual production about them are the actors of Warhola.

The aim of WARHOLA is to bring qualified examples on the fields where art meets architecture. Thus, it is to ensure that these can be followed by the people concerned, that intellectual and cultural content is produced and that this content can be circulated correctly.

WARHOLA tries to understand the multidimensional effects that the fields where art meets architecture will have in the future development of today’s art, design and architecture practices. It is an initiative that brings these processes to the agenda and believes that the content that emerges here will provide a cultural,intellectual and historical benefit as a permanent publication.

WARHOLA is published in English and Turkish.


Efe Korkut Kurt


Özlem Kan


İrem Efe


Pınar Sipahi, PhD. (YTU, Architecture)