Art in General is pleased to present Landmarks and Monuments, a series of new works by Letha Wilson from April 20 – June 30, 2013, in Art in General’s sixth floor galleries, 79 Walker Street, NY.

Letha Wilson’s new series of photo-based sculptures explore the magnetic pull of the American West, alluding to landscape’s intrinsic role in our own myths of reinvention, endless possibility, and inevitable promise. Photographs of expansive canyons, mountains, and vistas are tied physically to the gallery, in some cases embedded directly into the walls, floor, and ceiling, blurring the lines between image and object. Using architecture as both frame and armature, Wilson reclaims the photograph, exploring the medium’s inability to encompass the site it represents.

Landmarks and Monuments bends, punctures, and distorts images of an iconic American landscape, rendering the terrain’s vastness and raw potential into form. The pieces operate as monuments, evoking the legacies of the mythic American west while positing questions about what our landscape holds for the future. In the current climate, where the natural world has been overshadowed by the enormity of our capacity for industrialization, Wilson’s work captures the sublime power of nature.


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