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Galeri Manâ is pleased to host a spatial proposition by Deniz Gül, B.İ.M.A.B.K.R., between the dates 28 November – 25 January 2014. Presented as a constantly changing installation, Deniz Gül’s Works have the quality of a research in form that oscillates between text and object.

A continuation of the working method that the artist initiated in her previous project, 5 Person Bufet exhibited in ARTER in 2011; B.İ.M.A.B.K.R. becomes a time-space propositio nthrough a process by which objects stretch out of a text written by Gül and where by poetry acquires physical materiality. Gül investigates the conditions of visibility of fictive individuals – abstracted in the form of the initial letters of Beyaz Ilmekli Manyel, Albay Bicol and Kornatlı Raziye – through objects, in time and space. Her work points to the process of subject/object formation, building over time inside the physical space of the gallery as well as the mental space of the audience.

Byleaving a side the conventional exhibition set up, Works are presented in a fluid installation form. Objects with their multiple meaning so penup spaces for different contextual and relationa lreadings on the everyday forms of power fluctuating between the visible and the invisible. Gül’s proposition begins at the house of Beyaz Ilmekli Manyel where Vitrine, with the transformation of the Taksim Republic Monumentin to home furniture, emphasizes both the transition from a patriarchal monumentality to a domestic object and the ways in which a public sculpture resonates with expressions of power specific to the private, domestic spaces. In a setting where installations such as Column and JİTEM emphasize the vertical axis of power, Leakage, a wash tub made of plaster, investigates the object’s forms of existence and visibility as well as the alteration of the object from its own form, as the water with in the wash tub leakson to the ground.

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