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Dirimart is to host Peter Zimmermann’s solo-exhibition Chrome between April 4 and May 6, 2013.

Peter Zimmermann’s works re-interpret the notion of traditional painting by using digital manipulation to abstract the original photos they are based on, and in turn, revealing the aesthetics of illusion.

Peter Zimmermann has been painting with epoxy resin for 20 years. He mixes epoxy, a transparent liquid, with color pigments and pours the colored mixture on predefined sections of the canvas. The resin then dries and takes up solid form. On the canvas, each color adds depth and texture to the silky and transparent nature of the epoxy resin.

Zimmermann never reveals the origin of the manipulated photo the painting is based on. This leaves the viewer face-to-face only with pure imagery, denying any figurative association. The final color harmony present in his pictures is often reminiscent of landscape abstractions, similar in tradition to those found in Western abstract expressionism.

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