Can you tell us a bit about your art?

My art is interdisciplinary. It exists somewhere between three and two dimensions, between reality and fiction.

Which opportunities have arisen after your show at ALAN Istanbul, which was entitled “REM”? How do you plan to proceed from this point onward?

This was my first solo show in Istanbul, and in this regard this was a starting point for me. After the show, my works were also presented at Contemporary Istanbul by Alan Istanbul. Such events of sharing work with the public are exciting for me. I always work hard, but the process is not limited to my studio anymore.

Who are your favorite sculpture artists, both international and Turkish?

It would be quite a long list with plenty of variety, but if I were to name a few of the most influential artists: Cengiz Çekil –who was one of the pioneers in Turkish contemporary art and whom we’ve lost recently– Füsun Onur, Anish Kapoor, Takashi Murakami and Robert Gober.


Kadriye İnal_Aynı Sabahın sonrası_173x30x46cm


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