Kuad Gallery presents the solo exhibition by


Nikita Alexeev; one of the members of Moscow Conceptualism and the apt-art movement, entitled Eurasian Songs.

Through this exhibition Nikita Alexeev, one of the most important representatives of Moscow Conceptualism establishes a historical, current, philosophical and visual connection between Moscow and Istanbul. As political and economical relations intensifies between Russia and Turkey; in the field of art and culture, a gap that has not been closed since the Soviet period. Eurasian Songs is an analysis and criticism of Eurasianism, a political and philosophical movement originated from Russia in the early 20th Century.



Kuad Gallery presents Nikita Alexeev’s solo exhibition and works that have been produced for Istanbul as the first initiative for closing this gap.

Nikita Alexeev who has realized a performance that built a visual statement through his drawings in the 3rd Canakkale Biennial in fall 2012, will be in Istanbul from April the 13th to April 22th on the occasion of his solo exhibition.

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