1. Can you talk about the making of your Royal Series – with regard to both the intellectual and the production process?

I make up stories that are completely the product of my imagination though they reference today’s reality. The main focus of this series was a story I wrote, which ends with the protagonist starting a kingdom.

Most of the time, my creative process begins with creating a space far away from all the familiar spaces and people I know; a space where I alienate myself from everything. The more I alienate myself, the easier it becomes for me to create a fictional universe where I feel safe. The kingdom in this story is in one of these universes.

Using as a starting point the sketches I drew while writing the story, I make use of various techniques and materials in creating the works. Being able to think outside the limitations of a specific material sets me free.

Merve Şendil_Nereye_2014_Tuval Üzerine Akrilik Yün

  1. What is the function of the work entitled “büyükten küçük” (small from big) within the series? What meaning does it have by itself?

It’s important for me that the works are able to stand on their own in addition to the way they communicate with each other. As a result of my efforts to achieve this goal, each work has the opportunity to create a space of its own within various series.

This is one of those works. It’s a 2cm candlestick. By varying the sizes of ready-made objects, I try to make it easier for viewers to enter the fictional universe I’ve created – I try to point out that it’s possible to look at reality from another point of view.

Merve Şendil_Kraliyet Senfonisi_2014_Bakır ve Polyester

  1. How do you plan to continue with your Royal Series? Is there any particular direction in your mind?

You can see this series as a whole in my most recent solo show “What If”. I continue to work on this series with my newer works, while at the same time creating other works independent of the series which could still be seen as an extension of it.

Merve Şendil_Büyükten Küçük_2014_Pirinç


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