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MURATHAN OZBEK, has attracted a greatdeal of attention by the exhibition ‘IN’ since 2012, is now presenting his new solo exhibition ‘ONCE’ . After getting started in photography in 2009, OZBEK won many important awards at the most prestigious photography contests all around the world. At ‘ONCE’ the artist expresses the void time creates as it goesby. Altough the photographs are autobiographic, OZBEK presents a huge and approachable space to the viewers to place themselves in to the photographs. ‘ and I realized that the most important moments of my life have not been photographed yet. So I have started going back to those times.’ One of the most attractive parts of the exhibition is while OZBEK is having a journey to his own personal time, the space he has create dinvites the audience wander in it freely by using their own imagination and sujectivitiy. ‘ONCE’, presented by RENART Gallery and sponsered by Galatafilm, will have its opening coctail on January 9,Thursday evening at 18:30 at Crimean Memorial Church. ‘ONCE’ can be visited at RENART Gallery  from January 10 to January 31.

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