Paper Data Base - 2

287 Spring is honored to present the first solo New York exhibition of Sam Still, an artist who makes small and large format burnished black ink drawings. Methodically applying layer after layer of brushstrokes on rag paper, Sam incorporates meditative qualities of calligraphy into his art. The abstract shapes, with their obsessively calculated edges and radii, provide stark contrast to subtle variations in the color and texture. Engaged in a prolonged dialog with each other and with the viewer, the drawings can be seen as studies in the dichotomy of an object and the process of its creation.

In the art world inundated with vapid commercial glitz, Sam has courageously embraced pure minimalist abstraction, pioneered by Kazimir Malevich and cultivated by Ad Reinhardt. These works are a result of profound meditation and stellar craftsmanship, a pleasure and a provocation for the eye and the mind.


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