Could you please tell us about the form and the content of your works in “Pressure’ exhibition of yours?

Pressing on the issues of whatever it is that you need to be in life and the desire to deal with them with painting and language are what this and other works of mine manifest. Although they have never been literally connected with where the issue started, these paintings carry a will of psychological and dramatic concentration without getting too far away from the theme. In order to be strong enough, one needs to be active, needs not to falter and hesitate. Personally I think that what I just listed has no affirmative counterparts in life. I believe that we should empower the new people, statements, landscapes, stances within us. I believe that the range of the road we entered can solely be enlarged by widening, enriching. The thing that lies at the core of the technique of these paintings is the wish to sculpt, to cut pieces and to compose a whole with them. The belief of not to be scared of the pain and misery generated by sculpting and cutting pieces and the way this generates the will to keep up constitute the bases of the paintings in terms of their content. Mourning and cursing have nothing to do with me. Therefore, I tried to include not chaos or pessimism but the sense of wholeness created by the coexistence of different cognitive pieces in my paintings.

A.CEM ŞAHİN ”Improper Gardem meetin”LİNOL print and collage, 230×150, 2017

Could you tell us the emergence process of the unique technique you use?

My interest in linoleum prints goes back to my student years. When you concentrate on a technique well enough, the alternatives come out spontaneously. I have a good work discipline and I am still busy with developing a language in its own fluency.

What are your future plans after this fifth solo exhibition ‘Pressure’? On which direction will your works proceed?

I love to work with different techniques. I also do oil paintings together with acrylic, gouache and  print.I want to continue to create more courageously and more inquisitively without taking the easy way out.,

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