You describe each of your painting as narrating a different story. How your paintings emerge and  have different style?

It took me about eight years for my paintings to fit into this style. I am a person who ponders about the basic nature of reality. What I understand is that this reality does not work as we know them to be. Science show us an undivided universe in itself where each pieces meddle and combine with the whole.

Albeit it seems to us otherwise, the basic nature of physical reality is not the totality or the sum of different objects but an undivided whole that is in continuously dynamic change. Inspired by such discoveries I create artistic “inner world” and “outer world” metaphors. By dismembering my paintings and unifying them with always using the same patterns abstractly, I try to build such dynamic difference and wholeness. Actually, we can say that I x-ray people’s inner world at that certain moment, that is the moment and people that will never be the same again.

You have been continuing your endeavours with the exhibitions that you had abroad. Could you please tell us about your last solo exhibition that opened in NY in May 11?

We have been working with Emannuel Fremen Gallery very intensely for the last 2,5-3 years. This is my second solo exhibition that I created with them. Aside from the exhibition projects that we intend to do for every 1,5-2 years, we participate to many international art fairs such as Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong. This time, my gallery set me free about the selection of the content and emphasized my original visual language. The opening was very crowded and fun. I came across with a crowd that is very sincere not only about the visuality of my works but also the ideas underneath.

What are the similarities and differences between the art audiences in Turkey and abroad? Do you think there are also differences about the exhibition process?

Frankly I don’t see a difference. A person who is interested in art has a certain mental and intellectual background. In my opinion, this background creates characters everywhere in the world  who have certain perspective. Perhaps, I might have said different things if I was engaged in conceptual art. However interestingly enough, I encounter very similar reactions everywhere.








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