09/10/2015 – 07/11/2015

ALAN Istanbul presents Zafer Aracagök‘s new show Taking From Behind!

Zafer Aracagök-ALAN Istanbul_TAKING FROM BEHIND

With his new show, Taking from Behind, Zafer Aracagök forces the line and the watercolour to a realm of figural trajectories. Finding a point of departure in the rhythms of composition/decomposition backed up with strategic approaches to the figure, he aims to capture the figural. Aracagök opens up the multi-layered styles of personal expression of line and colour which take the question of representation from behind to multiplicities, a nd then, leaves us alone with our own traumas, that is, with an invitation to trace our own primal scenes. Resonating not only with eyes or ears but also with the whole body, heterogeneous lines – or similitudes of line – unlock the act of taking from behind to rumbling vibrations of the desire machines that produce pleasure rather than pain.

Renowned for his articles and books he wrote on the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari and also for his electronic music project, SIFIR, Aracagök developed the concept of his show under the influence of Deleuzian thought, yet again. Taking From Behind defines Deleuze’s approach to philosophers of the past whom he philosophizes about in order to create monsters out of them. In Aracagök’s watercolours, components of line and colour traversing the contours of the figural, make visible in the background the scary and monster-like qualities of the contemporary intellectual and social conflicts, thus, creating an humorous ‘event’ with much laughter and clamour. Furthermore, publication of the Turkish translation of his last book, Atopological Trilogy: Deleuze and Guattari concurrently with this show will most probably miraculate indeterminable atopological perversions of visuality in watercolouredness by way of introducing new approaches of his own to the concept of ‘taking from behind’ as well as to the queer theory and various forms of becoming-sexual.

Taking from Behind is open to speculation at ALAN Istanbul until November 7th, 2015.

Drive That Fast, Kitchens of Distinction, Suluboya, 2015, 27_35cm

İfade Makinası 1, Suluboya, 2015, 56_76cm

Goyanın Colossusunu Yeniden Yaptım, Suluboya, 2015, 27_35cm

Hıdrellez Resmi, Suluboya, 2015,  13_18cm

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