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The ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery, located at ARMAGGAN Nuruosmaniye, was founded with the objective of promoting young artists and designers, and the group show entitled “IN SEARCH FOR THE  NEW,” shaped by the inspiration of UNESCO’s decision to make 2013 the Year of the Piri Reis Map, seeks to explore collectively the many meanings of searching and discovery.

The same subject has been interpreted from different perspectives by 26 artists, each with their own unique interpretations and techniques, in pieces created specifically for this exhibition, which will be on display at the ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery from January 18 – March 13, 2013.

The artists address the Piri Reis Map and the metaphor of the map both in their thinking and their output, depicting the excitement of exploration/discovery, its richness and its courage, with some of them drawing on their own experience while others portray exotic fruits, personal quests and voyagers.

mustafa karyagdi-a.delon

ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery Coordinator Şanel Şan, describing the exhibition says, “It is not always necessary to be a pirate sailing the boundless ocean, to be a voyager crossing borders or to leap from space to the earth… A person can make discoveries within themselves, can set out on an inner quest. Our aim is to view all of these searchings together in one place through the eyes of our artists. Life takes on meaning through discovery and the excitement it brings, and it is our wish that our lives be synonymous with discovery.”

The exhibition features noted artists, including Neşe Çoğal, Mustafa Karyağdı, Ünsal Bahtiyar, Sinem Kaya and Maide Bulak. The exhibition will be on display at the ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery through March 13, 2013.

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