Ekavart.tv, first online art television in Turkey, began its broadcasting life on internet on 1st of August, 2008 with the motto of “you have a rendezvous with art”; it has been creating  culture and art community throughout a global network and a platform where young and middle aged artists freely present their works of art. Ekavart.tv, with its interactive structure, includes hundreds of video from every field of art and has the feature of being the richest visual art archive of Turkey. Ekavart.tv has enabled art to reach every section of society by sharing the most up-to-date exhibitions, special interviews with artists, local and international museums and art fairs with artlovers from all over the world for 5 years.

Ekavart.tv, the popularity of which has been increasing with each passing day, has approximately 350.000 unique visitors and its 1.000.000 videos are displayed on a monthly basis.  One of the most prominent features of ekavart.tv is its contribution to education;  many fine arts schools in Turkey have been referring to the rich archive of ekavart.tv.

Followed enthusiastically by artlovers, ekavArtBlog writers; İnci Aksoy, Leyla Alaton, Banu Çarmıklı, Gülten İmamoğlu, Leyla Ünsal and Yasemin Vargı are exploring international exhibitions and art fairs thus enabling readers to set out on an art journey.

Art has been watched at ekavart.tv for 5 years. Do not remain “artless”! www.ekavart.tv

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