Could you please tell us about yourself?

I was born in Ankara in 1984. I graduated from Marmara University Fine Art Faculty, Tayfun Erdoğmuş atelier. Outstanding features of my works are craftsmanship and sensibility. And my biggest hope is to live this condition in the each moment of my life.

World of Molecules II, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
12,5 x 18 cm

As seen in your “Zerrecikler Alemi/ The Universe of Particles” exhibition, you seem as you like minimalism. What drives you to work this way?

I want to increase the sensibility in my small works as much as I want to enlarge the dimensions on my wall pieces. I enjoy seeing details a lot. Watching my hand during my job is a great joy to me.

We see that you make collaborations for your wall pieces. You have worked with the artists such as Ben Weldon, Murat Palta and lastly with Cem Sonel. What does it mean to collaborate with another artist?

The friendship I like the most is the friendship of a coworker. On the other hand, it is just like my friends used to call me to go out with them when I was a kid; it is the same kind of excitement. There is no difference between them.

Immersed In Far Away III, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
23 x 30,5 cm

We see that your journey that started with caricature has taken many different paths. This is reflected on your exhibitions, instead of seeing a single style we can see multifaceted works. In your opinion,  what kind of artistic language is this working method bring about?

Actually, I cannot say that it started with caricature. I have been making paintings since I was very little. However, I can answer this question as such; “I can do everything that is relevant to drawing.”  I don’t actually know why I am especially committed to this discipline. I think, it is not really nice to impose my self that I am going to be a caricaturist or see my artworks at such and such museums. I don’t want to miss the beautiful things that come to my way.


Deserted Islands, 2016
Ink on Paper
70×100 cm

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