Yigit Yazici, who has not held any personal exhibition in Turkey since 2010, now presents his paintings from 2011 to 2013 together with his previously unearthed photographs to art lovers in an exhibition at Gallery LiNART. Showing “hitherto unknown side” of himself with the exhibition titled “E Cosi – Just Like That”, he reveals his venture from the early days of his art life to the present with photos and paintings. During his quest, the artist first constructed and then photographed the places where he lived and painted at times of the intense excitement.

 “I wanted to stop those moments, feelings then, and the atmosphere in the time.

So I saved my past, where I lived, where I painted at that time,” he says.

Stating that the most important thing in life is to express him freely, and that’s the reason why he keeps painting, Yigit Yazici amazes everyone by opening its doors of his inner world to art lovers with “E Cosi – Just Like That“. The artist also helps them having in-depth knowledge about himself through the exhibition. “It is a chance to remember the past, review it once again, look at myself from outside or see my own place in the eyes of the audience,” he says about his photographs from the years 1989-1992, some sketch samples and works which he painted in the school.

To date, having had many successful exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, the artist as a nature lover verbalizes that colours also represent the joy of life. He compares the balance in the association of colours with the balance in understanding life and questioning life and our existence. Objects in his works consist of things that we do not need in today’s world but served us before, satisfied our tastes and stimulated

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