‘Hotel Italia’ is the latest project from Atelier Nostra Signora, hosted by Mixer, a multipurpose art space based in the Tophane district of Istanbul. The exhibition is curated by Nostra Signora, with the participation of Marcello Faletra and Antonia Cassarà, and will be open to the public between 10th and 29th of September 2013, as a parallel event of the 13th International Istanbul Biennial.

‘Hotel Italia’ aims to renew the spirit of an abandoned and wrecked hotel, located within very close proximity to Mixer, on Tom Tom Hill. Upon intervention by developers, the decaying Hotel Italia, where the name of the exhibition takes its inspiration, transports the aesthetics of its utilitarian, empty, dust-filled rooms and as a consequence reproduces an allegorical ‘mirror-shift’ within the purposefully built ‘experience rooms’ of the exhibition space. By opening its doors to visitors, ‘Hotel Italia’ aims to express the quintessential need of carrying on the spirit of  such an important landmark, once belonging to a bygone era of a burgeoning and fashionable corner of Istanbul.

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