Looking back, how would you summarize your artistic development?

I guess it evolved into a more minimalistic style. I slowly reduced my ideas to their essential elements. I tried detaching from each other the works that were already developing in different ways. I think I can also do it this way. There’s a long path ahead of me. We’ll see how it goes.

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming show in London that is to be opened in May?

The show comprises the most refined and monochromatic works among the ones I created within the last 3-4 years. It’s a little melancholic, based on the impressions left behind from the life I’ve been living over the last few years. Both social and individual impressions. I think I’ve developed a language that’s a little harsh but still aesthetically pleasing. An abstract language can convey very different meanings and feelings to each individual. This is what I have in mind for this show.

As a contemporary artist who’s begun to earn international renown, where do you see yourself?

“I don’t know that, Altan”

Though I may appear to be a very social person, I’m actually more of an introvert. This gets a little tiring, but unfortunately it’s not my choice. I used to talk a lot, now I prefer to stay quiet. That’s why I try to stay in the background, I don’t like to be very visible. I’m an artist who works in his studio, and isn’t seen around often. I want to keep it this way, and I hope I can.


Breath, 45x55cm, 2015


Black,30x90cm, 2015
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