Vincent Leroy is a contemporary French artist. His kinetic sculptures are so well thought out, they alter the surrounding environment.

Born in 1968 in Avranches, France, Leroy works in Paris. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris. His inspiration is movement and repetition, and haunting and fascinating rhythms.

“Simple movements are always the basis of my work, without being in search of cutting-edge technology. Ten years ago, my pieces were more mechanical, the technology was more present, more visible. Today, the movement is more fluid, more natural. It’s necessary to manage to mix and not to oppose. It’s difficult to work but so gratifying. We must capture the unexpected and then analyze it in order to exploit it and integrate it into the works.” the artist says.


After exhibitions in slovakia, romania, china, Vincent Leroy brings the ‘boreal halo’ to the Beaux-arts Museum of Rennes, France. This installation comprises of a  giant ring – or halo – in motion that seems to levitate above the ground. With its slow movement, the piece creates an intriguing sensation, as if time was slowing down. It aims to transport the public to a moment of contemplation, letting the mind pause for a while in the center of the museum.

The white atmosphere of the museum and the abundance of natural light from above reinforces the appearance of weightlessness that Leroy’s work inspires. Additionally, the contrast of the boreal halo against the dark granite stone of the museum floor provides a deep shadow, which slowly moves as the ring does. Visitors are invited to meander around the halo and ‘let themselves go’ into a dreamlike atmosphere.

The sound has been realized by Jérôme Echenoz of adorable studio. An original quadraphonic sound design composition has been created for the installation. It is synchronized with the movement of the piece and transcribes into sounds the ethereal atmosphere created by the boreal halo. The result is a perfect combination of space, movement sound, offering a very unique experience to the public.

Undulating along its pre-determined path, ‘Boreal Halo’ fills the otherwise empty space, giving it light and changing viewers’ perspectives. Visitors to the installation are able to walk around and through, at times being caught in the interior.

Sound Design: Jérôme Echenoz / Adorable Studio

Photography: Festival Maintenant 2019, Gwendal Le Flem, Vincent Leroy

Compiled by Özlem Kan

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