Rampa hosts İnci Furni’s exhibited titled “Same Thing Everyday” April 31–May 16, 2013. In “Same Thing Everyday”, Furni repeats objects, ordinary, mundane situations to make permeable the boundaries of the visual world she has constructed.

The intimacy that is felt in Furni’s single bed and match series, included in this exhibition, is the one-on-one relationship that the artist has with the subject matter, employing these objects to reflect her diaristic approach. The stories that begin on paper as drawings stand on their own on the canvases, abstracted. In other words, the affinity in Furni’s match and bed diaries, the obsessive relationship with material has a tumultuous movement, while her canvases are made independent as they move these minute stories to a fictional world.

Furni, with this exhibition, highlights that the constructedness in painting is both a quotidian obsession and a projection of internal stories and emotions.


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