Ece Kalabak, ‘too many’, OIL ON CANVAS, 160X160 CM, 2012

Ece Kalabak is at ALAN Istanbul with her 7th exhibition “Hunchback’’ “Kambur”.

Ece Kalabak gathers expressionist kind of contemporary art in her new series of painting. Her few works will be exhibited at ALAN Istanbul’s main venue in such a way as to create a dialogue among them and each leaves a long term expression by taking the audience into the picture and keep them there. The manifestations of intense emotional and intellectual processes of the artist that are sometimes revealed pessimistically and sometimes with exuberant and affirmative oppositions expose an impressive understanding of painting and aesthetic language that is difficult to describe.

Ece Kalabak, ‘THE THOOTH HILL’, OIL ON CANVAS, 160X160 CM, 2017

According to Deniz Üster;

Ece Kalabak’s evocative paintings encrypt narratives within details, around an emotional hunchback.  Senselessness and disorientation encompass the self. Her work is profoundly existentialist; where her characters exist in an absurd world. Bearing othersburden is a given facticity in Kalabaks work, which interchangeably appears as a limitation and one of the circumstances of freedom. The malevolent worlds she creates are a host to a mischievous humour, the vibrancy of her colours supressing the smell of darkness. Despite this darkness, there is no place for despair in Kalabaks paintings. Progressively, the black takes a translucent turn, which generates a revelation. This exhibition is the manifestation of this very turn, an allegorical mitigation.

 The blinding screen has finally risen. Expectations no longer need to be the bearer of their weight. It is this load – the load of others– that has been saddled over ones back, after becoming disconcerted and desiccated by them. It is this same burden, which impregnated the bearer with hollowness, while coercing them into the ‘lost’.

 Though, the screen has risen now, and the ballasts are jettisoned. Alleviation.

‘’Hunchback’’ – “Kambur”  exhibition can be seen at ALAN İstanbul between 17/05/2017 – 17/06/2017.

Ece Kalabak, ‘Wood’, OIL ON CANVAS, 160X160 cm, 2012
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