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Gallery Ilayda is pleased to host Elvin Karaaslan’s solo show “Part Of” between May 17th and June 15th, 2013.

Karaaslan thinks that reality is not within the boundaries of an object, in fact it is hidden in its relationships with other objects. In this sense each object is only a part of the whole around the other objects. One thing to focus on is to choose the most important parts that are able to tell us about the whole thing and express it with the right relationships. In this case, each of the created elements of a work can also exist on its own. This is to arrange these fragments by removing them from their expected layout. Still, they are never totally independent; they retain their connection to the whole. And while we are able to grasp the individual “part of” the whole, the entirety of the subject remains outside our control and out of reach.

The central theme of the artist’s work is the concept of perception. Taking the role of the observer, her imagery captures simple but intriguing perspectives on people. As the viewer changes her perspective, the image and perception undergo changes as well. This interaction and fragmentation exemplifies the dilemma of post-modern individuality. At the same time, the act of looking at static installation becomes an active decision and performance by the observer, which allows a communication between the work, its space and the viewers’ imagination. At this point, active participation of the viewer is important. The incomplete or unknown parts allow the viewer to engage with the situation and make predictions and inferences in order to complete the story. The mission parts of her artworks refer to alienation and loneliness of modernism and individualism of post-modernism.

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