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Baudrillard, in mid-1970s, argues that modernity and concepts like labor, production signifier/signified dialects which are associated with modernity has come to the end. The discourse of “the end” signifies his announcing a postmodern break which “ends” meaning and history.

The exhibition derives its name and theoretical structure from this break and does not aim to  directly answer questions such as how we could overcome all these fetishism and alienation but rather questions; the basis of  strategies of desire which subject willingly do socialize in, how the dynamics of desire could be paraphrased in context of object, production and need and how individuals interiors all these ideological forms.

Presentation creates new bridges and contrasts among the works/artists. Furthermore; the exhibition investigates mediums used by artist in connection to technology (i.e. cloning, mass media, etc.)  problematized by Baudrillard and questions how artists use technology in their artistic practices.

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