1. How do you describe the vision and the style of Krampf Gallery?

Krampf Gallery symbolizes a visionary force taking part in establishing Istanbul as the region’s new art capital and its carefully selected artists pose a powerful impact not only on Turkey’s domestic art market, but also in the regional and global art market as well.

One of my favorite quotes by Henri Matisse is: “Creativity takes courage”.

Krampf gallery is dedicated to show the best contemporary artists, national and international. Contemporary art and its new mediums are being showed in order to educate younger and older audiences and inspire future generation to create art works.

Art is a science, and we aim at making it accessible to everyone.

  1. How long has been Krampf Gallery existing in Istanbul?

In 2012, Regis Krampf made a bold and strategic decision to open the doors of his gallery in Turkey: the largest untapped art market in recent history. Krampf understood that the international economic, social and political developments of the 21st century would create both a need and opportunity for a

New art capital that is no longer West centric and correctly identified Turkey as the next frontier. With its booming economy and unique geographic position, Istanbul would be the ideal hub and bridge for a truly global art market.

  1. When you think about Istanbul from last decade years next decade, what kind of a Picture do

Since my first show in Turkey at Contemporary Istanbul 6 years ago, I can already see dramatic changes. The Turkish crowd is thirsty for knowledge; the inherent curiosity is pushing the art scene up. The Istanbul art market is becoming stronger and more international every year. The private institutions, museums, collections accompanied a by a strong gallery scene is making Istanbul a more vibrant place.  The future of the Istanbul art scene is very bright.


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